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Granular Controlled Release Fertilisers

Controlled Release - Methylene Urea

Methylene Urea (MU) acts as a controlled release nitrogen source allowing these fertilisers to have longevity of up to 12 weeks. The first release of Nitrogen comes from the urea itself, followed slowly by the available water-soluble nitrogen and finally the water insoluble nitrogen. Each release mechanism slightly overlaps to ensure that release of Nitrogen is completely controlled and consistent. Methylene Urea is released by hydrolysis and soil microbial activity meaning that it is not solely dependent on soil moisture or temperature for its ideal release pattern. Granule size does not have any effect on the release rate of Nitrogen.

Product Name+ Fe (%)+ Mg (%)MUAdditional InformationTreat Rate (g/m2)Season
12-0-9 2 1 25% Trace Elements 35 - 50 Spring/ Summer
22-0-22 1 - 65% Trace Elements 25 Spring/ Summer
16-0-15 1   50% 0.5 Mn 25 - 35 Spring/ Summer
5-0-10 6 2 25%   35 - 50 Autumn / Winter
7-0-14     50%   35 - 50 Autumn/ Winter
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