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Iron Products & Turf Hardeners

Iron is one the essential micronutrients needed for turf grass playing a vital role in nitrogen metabolism and chlorophyll production. Additionally in sports turf iron is used in greater quantities to green up and ‘harden off’ the plant inferring some protection against disease. Iron can be supplied in a variety of forms; as inorganic salts, complexed, or chelated compounds. Other divalent ions can also have a role in turf hardening.

We offer a range of liquid, soluble and spreadable turf hardeners based on the different forms of iron. We also offer a product based on calcium and magnesium divalent ions to strengthen cell walls and provide turf hardening.

  • Cold Start Granular Iron

    To be used in the spring months, Cold Start Granular Iron aids hardening, creates green-up and helps...

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  • Granular Spreadable Iron

    100% Ferrous Sulphate granular hardener also containing Magnesium designed to treat golf greens, fai...

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  • Turf Hardener

    A turf hardener designed to aid hardening and create long lasting green-up. Its high potassium conte...

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    A high quality liquid iron (6%) with micro-nutrients, potassium (6%) and magnesium. For use on green...

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    Emerald Iron

    An exceptional product providing 6% iron all in the form of a DTPA chelate. A genuinely sulphur/sulp...

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    ACTi-Fe is ferric ammonium citrate (FAC) which provides 21.5% Iron, 5% Nitrogen and very low sulphur...

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  • Girder

    A very high iron content liquid coming in at 19.4% Fe w/v (12.5% Fe - w/w) (density 1.55 typical). I...

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  • GBR Liquid Turf Hardener

    A foliar turf hardener based on cations with double charges (calcium and magnesium), designed to str...

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  • Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate

    Damp grade ferrous sulphate heptahydrate provides 20.4% iron as supplied. It is highly cost effectiv...

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  • Spreadable Turf Hardeners

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