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Wetting Agents

Eco-Wet Penetrant

Uniquely Advanced Wetting Agent – Residual & Penetrant

Eco-Wet Penetrant is a highly effective penetrant wetting agent, generating low surface tensions in water (below 26 dynes/cm at 1% in water). Eco-Wet Penetrant is based on surfactants derived from natural sources. The water loving part of the molecules are based on sugars, whilst the oil loving part of the molecules are based on fatty acids from vegetable sources. The result is a wetting agent that does not compromise on performance.

  • Strongly aids infiltration of water through upper hydrophobic layers
  • May reduce localised water-logging
  • Helps create a more even playing surface
  • Concentrated penetrant based on renewable plant chemistry
  • Nonionic in nature for excellent tank mix compatibility

Must be diluted in water, as per the chart below, prior to spray application. May be used year round.

ZoneEco-WetWater VolumeAreaNotes
Greens/Tees/Sports Pitches 5 litres 300-900 litres 1 hectare Water within 24/48 hours.
Fairways (golf) 5 litres 300-900 litres 1 hectare
Bowling Greens 750ml 45-135 litres 1,500m²
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Pack Sizes Available

5 litre

20 litre

200 litre

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