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Wetting Agents

Formulation 42™

Uniquely Advanced Wetting Agent – Residual & Penetrant

Designed for monthly application, Formulation 42™ is engineered to give highly optimised monthly residual wetting with further enhancements in wetting performance and longevity. Formulation 42 contains a blend of penetrant chemistries including a unique penetrant surfactant that is engineered to last longer than traditional penetrants. It also provides dew and rain dispersal properties which help to alleviate disease pressure towards the end of the growing season.

Through our knowledge of surfactant technology, Formulation 42 achieves a new level of optimisation of block copolymers used for monthly residual wetting. The absolute wetting performance is further enhanced along with the resistance to both biodegradation and water washout. Extensive trials have confirmed a reduced treat rate of 12.5L/Ha.

One of the significant advancements of Formulation 42 is a unique penetrant wetting agent designed to last longer in the profile through its resistance to biodegradation.

  • Highly optimised residual wetter
  • Creates more homogeneous conditions across a green
  • Allows prevention or reduction of localised dry patch even under conditions of increased moisture stress
  • Allows recovery of areas already suffering localised dry patch
  • Reduces soil hydrophobicity
  • Long lasting penetrant designed to cope with heavy rain fall to give quicker infiltration rates and alleviate standing water
  • Dew dispersal effect reduces fungal disease pressure during late summer into autumn

Apply monthly during the growing season typically from March til September or October. For use at 12.5 litres per hectare giving 10L/Ha of residual wetters and 2.5L/Ha of penetrant wetters.

Formulation 42 should be added to water and applied by spray.

ZoneFormulation 42Water VolumeAreaNotes
Golf Greens 12.5 litres 300-600 litres 1 hectare During prolonged hot conditions (day time temperatures of 26⁰C and above for longer than 10 days) apply at 17.5L/Ha monthly or 12.5L/Ha every three weeks.
Tees/Sports Pitches 10-12.5 litres 300-600 litres 1 hectare
Fairways 5-12.5 litres 150-600 litres 1 hectare
Bowling Greens 1.5-1.9 litres 45-90 litres 1500m²    

Other application rates:

ZoneFormulation 42Water VolumeAreaFrequency
Fairways/Tees 25 litres 300-600 litres 1 hectare 90 days
Do not exceed a solution strength of 6%
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Pack Sizes Available

5 litre

12.5 litre

120 litre

200 litre drums

500-1000L IBCs

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