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Wetting Agents

Fulwet Irrigation Tank Tablet

Uniquely Advanced Wetting Agent – Residual & Penetrant

A 3kg large tablet for addition to irrigation tanks. The tablets will dissolve slowly and uniformly, reducing the surface tension of applied water. The same formulation as Fulwet pellets, contains 5% soluble fulvic acid powder.

Fulwet Tablets are supplied with a mesh bag which can be used to hang the tablets near to inlet or outlet pipes. Putting tablets closer to the water flow will result in quicker dissolution and more effective surface tension reduction. Tablets can be placed further from any water flow if slower dissolution is required.

Fulwet Tablets in irrigation tanks will typically only achieve very low concentrations in solution due to the high volume of water present. However, even solutions with concentrations below 0.001% surfactant can achieve a significant reduction in surface tension compared with untreated water

  • Increases the wetting power of irrigation water
  • Tablets dissolve uniformly and do not break-up or disintegrate
  • Formulation contains 95% surfactants (a 3 component blend) plus 5% fulvic acid powder
  • Mild system cleaning effect
  • Packed in water soluble bag for ease of removal from pail

The tablet should be removed from the plastic pail (complete with water soluble bag). Tablet (including water soluble bag) can be placed in the supplied mesh bag and hung in the irrigation tank (such that the mesh bag can be retrieved at a future date) or may be dropped loose to the bottom of the tank.

Hanging tablets by inlet or outlet pipes will increase the rate of dissolution due to the increased water flow over the tablet. For larger tanks and bigger irrigation volumes it will become more necessary to increase the dissolution rate and/or number of tablets employed.

Pack Sizes Available

3kg tablets supplied in 3 litre white plastic pails with mesh sack. Store upright in a cool dry environment (tablets will melt at 40-45°C but will re-form on cooling).

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