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Uniquely Advanced Wetting Agent – Residual & Penetrant

Hydrozone™ is a 100% active (no diluents as supplied) non-ionic residual wetting agent developed for use on sports turf to prevent localised dry patch (LDP) and give additional benefits in relation to the use and action of water. It has been carefully engineered for maximum performance giving long residence time and a highly effective wetting action.

LDP can arise from hydrophobic soil conditions which may in turn arise from plant breakdown material, animal sources, fungi and critically low soil moisture content. Hydrophobic soils can inhibit even distribution of water in the soil profile, denying grass roots an adequate supply of water, water soluble nutrients and applied treatments.

Hydrozone works by lowering the interfacial tension between water and other substrates (specifically soil constituents and grass roots) – this enables contact angles to be reduced and water to spread out laterally through the soil profile and flow into areas that were previously water repellent.

  • Treatment and preventative for localised dry patch
  • Contains a special surfactant to aid the initial spread into the rootzone
  • Non-phytotoxic at use concentrations
  • Non-scorch formula
  • Excellent tank mix compatibility
  • Potential to reduce water consumption where no turf wetter is currently used
  • Assists in maximising the effectiveness of a range of soil chemicals and fertilisers


AppearanceClear viscous liquid at room temperature
Solidification point Below minus 15⁰C
Viscosity 600cP at 20⁰C
Maximum solubility 5-8% over typical temperature range
Surface tension 25 dynes/cm (3.5% solution in water)

Hydrozone must be diluted in water prior to spray application. Hydrozone should be added to water rather than water added to Hydrozone – this avoids the potential for gel phases to form.

Hydrozone has widespread tank mix compatibility, however a jar test should be conducted first.

Monthly application – March/April until September/October:
ZoneHydrozoneWater VolumeAreaNotes
Greens/Tees/Sports Pitches 20 litres (preferred) 10 to 20 litres under conditions of low drought stress 300-600 litres 1 hectare Do not exceed solution strength of 5%. Water in within 24/48 hours and before cutting to avoid reduced performance.
Fairways (golf) 10-20 litres 300-600 litres 1 hectare
Bowling Greens 1.5-3 litres 45-135 litres 1,500m²

90 day application – start March/April, repeat 90 days later:

ZoneHydrozoneWater VolumeAreaNotes
Greens/Tees/Sports Pitches 50 litres 1000 litres 1 hectare Do not exceed solution strength of 5%. Water in within 24/48 hours and before cutting to avoid reduced performance.
Fairways (golf) 25-50 litres 500-1000 litres 1 hectare
Bowling Greens 7.5 litres 150 litres 1,500m²
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Pack Sizes Available

5 litre

20 litre

120 litre

200 litre drums

1000 (IBC)

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