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Uniquely Advanced Wetting Agent – Residual & Penetrant

Influxer is a powerful penetrant wetting agent developed for use on amenity grass. It provides effective wetting within the rootzone and can reduce water run-off. Influxer is highly effective at getting water through thatch layers and is good for restoring areas already affected by dry patch. It achieves extremely low surface tensions in water and tests demonstrate an unusually high ability to spread water laterally on a surface. Influxer also has an inherent dew dispersant effect, it demonstrates a significant residence time and can be used as a very effective residual wetter.

Due to its cost effective nature, Influxer is ideal for use on fairways (but may be used on all areas) and sports pitches. Wetting agents help to maximise the availability of rain or irrigation water by ensuring water supply to the whole of the root zone and a more even distribution of water. Fairways without irrigation can still benefit from the use of Influxer by ensuring more even water penetration, reduced run-off from compacted and sloping areas and a quicker uptake of water into the soil following extended periods without rainfall.


AppearanceClear viscous liquid at room temperature
Solidification point 0⁰C
Surface tension 21 dynes/cm (0.2% aqueous solution)
  • Cost effective for fairways
  • Reduced water run-off
  • Residual wetting ability
  • Powerful penetrant properties
  • Dew dispersal effect

Apply monthly or less frequently as required but not exceeding 20 litres per hectare or applying more frequently than fortnightly.

ZoneInfluxerWater VolumeAreaNotes
Greens/Tees/Sports Pitches 10-20 litres 300-900 litres 1 hectare Water within 24/48 hours.
Fairways (golf) 10 litres 300-900 litres 1 hectare
Bowling Greens 1.5-3 litres 45-135 litres 1,500m²
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Pack Sizes Available

5 litre

20 litre

120 litre

200 litre drums

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