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Wetting Agents


PenetraX is a unique new penetrant wetting agent that is engineered to last longer, performing its function for a greater period of time after application. After application to rootzones, wetting agents will deplete over time through water washout and biodegradation. For a penetrant surfactant, the ability to partition into rain water to lower its surface tension and increase its removal is an important function so the washout potential needs to be maintained. However penetrant surfactants will rapidly biodegrade once in the soil and this can be undesirable. Bioaccumulation of the wetting agent is also undesirable. PenetraX will resist biodegradation for longer (whilst still ultimately biodegrading) and thus remain in the rootzone performing its function for longer.

As well as for summer use, penetrant wetting agents can bring benefits to sports turf over the autumn and winter helping the flow of water through the profile and dispersing surface water. Saturated surfaces can reduce the flow of air in the profile underneath and lead to anaerobic conditions – penetrant wetting agents can play a role in alleviating this under certain conditions.

  • Concentrated formulation
  • Excellent wetting performance
  • Aids water infiltration
  • Can reduce localised water logging
  • Helps create a more even playing surface
  • Supports the maintenance of aerobic conditions over autumn and winter


ZonePenetraXWater VolumeAreaNotes
Greens/Tees/Sports Pitches 4-5 litres 400-600 litres 1 hectare Water in within 24/48 hours and before cutting to avoid reduced performance.
Fairways  4-5 litres 400-600 litres 1 hectare
Bowling Greens 600-750 ml 60-90 litres 1,500m²


Pack Sizes Available

5 litre

20 litre

120 litre

200 litre drums

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